Story Boards


Each Story Board piece comes with a unique individual story that can be shared with others. They come with pictures which show what they used to be and proof of what they have become, all because the creator saw their potential. We hope these pieces can be used to motivate and encourage you and those you come in contact with. Become all you were created to be.
We all love a good story. Stories can take us places we never thought possible, they allow us to feel and experience, they cause us to step back and question, and they empower us to step out and become who we never thought we could be. Story Boards are intended to cause people to look within themselves and realize their full, Good-given potential.
Our Story Boards are crafted from wood that has not only been set aside, but wood that has been declared worthless junk; that’s where the inspiration begins. We see the potential that is present deep within, take the material and make a masterpiece.  We want to remind you that you are a one-of-a-kind creation that was made with a purpose.
Our culture is quick to point out our faults. Each of us has had those moments where we have been declared “less than.” We have been put on the scale, and have been found wanting. Some of us have been set aside by those around us, declared worthless, useless, unneeded, unappreciated, unwanted, unnecessary, and many times we’ve been dubbed “unusable.” The sad thing is, we fall victim to the lie that we are indeed worthless.
We want you to know that you are a priceless, valuable, unique, amazing creation that has unique God given abilities and a unique purpose that God has created you for, only you. You are one-of-a kind, you are loved, cherished, and wanted. You are made to thrive.


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